de-be headphones website

It is always nice when our clients express their confidence by tapping us for new projects. This is especially true for the launch of a new product like the de-be.

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de-be headphones website

“Hi-Fi Websites created a website for Music Hall that reflects our personal style and captures the essence of the Music Hall brand.

Remarkably, they accomplished all of this with little input or guidance, and the finished product was pitch perfect. They’re intuitive, professional, efficient, and clearly clairvoyant.

Most important, they’ll build a better website than you can imagine for yourself.”

—Leland Leard


preview of an early production model of the de-be at CES 2015 in Las Vegas was the inspiration for a contemporary, one-page landing site for music hall audio’s first foray into the world of headphones.

The target demographic of the de-be headphones skewed younger and trendier than that of music hall audio’s existing customer base. Following, if only for the moment, the current trend favoring single page website layouts, we designed and built a fluid website that is as stylish and dynamic as the de-bes themselves.

One-page sites are a challenge, in that the content that is typically distributed over several pages is confined to one, making for long page load times that degrade a visitor’s experience as well as the site’s Google Search ranking. By carefully optimizing each image, writing lean code, and loading Javascript resources asymmetrically, we were able to create a quick, responsive landing site with a load speed in the top quartile of all websites, turning in a performance score of 97/100.

Services Provided

  • website design + construction
  • website hosting + maintenance
  • photography
  • search engine optimization (SEO)

Site Speed Scores

  • pingdom: 97/100
  • gtmetrix: A

How fast is the de-be website?

  • Pingdom Performance Score 97% 97%

All of the websites we create are compatible with all modern devices and browsers.

music hall de-be headphones

client since: 2014 | website status: LIVE

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