Tying compensation to performance works in other sales functions, why not the sales position that is fast becoming the most prominent one: your webmaster?

In recent years, the influence of the Internet on consumer behavior has been growing at a nearly exponential rate. “Way back” (in Internet terms) in 2012, and again in 2013, GE Capital commissioned a survey of consumers that showed an increase of 20% in the number of consumers who researched major purchases (those costing in excess of $500) using the Internet before visiting a store. The more recent number? A staggering 81%! While we do not yet have comparable numbers from 2014 forward, one can safely assume that at least 4 of every 5 consumers are visiting your website (as well as your competitors’ websites) before ever setting foot in a store.

As you consider your marketing plan, then, doesn’t it make sense to consider your website first?

Is your website doing all it can to sell your product or service? Is it creating demand? Is it driving would be consumers to competitors’ websites by turning them off to your offerings? Or is your website so far behind the times that it is actually being ignored, by not showing up in relevant searches?

In answering these questions, take a moment to look at the leaders in your industry. Which companies are taking the largest slices of the revenue pie? Visit those companies’ websites; now look at yours. Loook through the eyes of a consumer. What do you see?

Next, Google broad terms, like “preamplifier,” “turntable” or, if you’re a dealer, something in your city, like “Naim audio Seattle.” Do you notice that some companies are showing up on the first page of each search result? How many pages deep do you need to go before you see your company’s name? If you aren’t in the first three pages, more than 60% of people searching that term will never see your website.

Okay, I have a problem, now what?

Now that you now know where you stand, it’s time to do better, and the sooner the better. Why? Because everything you do from this point forward, positive or negative, will be reflected in your company’s revenue, more so with each passing year. Attractive, well-functioning, high-ranking websites are powerful advertising, creating huge streams of potential customers. And they don’t happen by accident; those manufacturers who rank high and retain interest with compelling audio websites sought out highly skilled designers, developers, and SEO specialists. And they have the revenue to show for it. Can you compete? Yes, absolutely you can!

Placing your company in a position suitable for success on the Internet.