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Why You Need a Quality Website, Built by Us

Why does my business need a high quality website?

Here is your answer in 2 numbers:

Percentage of consumers who research major ($500+) purchases online before visiting a single store:





According to a 2013 study by GE Capital, 81% of consumers go online before heading out to the store to make major purchases ($500+), up 20% from the previous year. Imagine what that number looks like today.

Can you afford to leave 81% of potential customers with a substandard impression of your business? What do those 4/5 of consumers see when they visit your website? How does that experience compare with what they see on your competitors’ sites?

Subpar websites, at best, take up space. At worst, they turn off potential customers and make it difficult for current customers to recommend you.

Quality websites engage people, creating new customers and increasing revenue. Like any sound marketing expenditure, they pay for themselves many times over.

Is my current website good enough?

As with any evaluation, it pays to ask questions.

Is my website appropriate to my business?

In the audio industry, this can be pretty easy to determine. Why? Because, at the price points which hi-fi occupies, consumer expectations tend to be (appropriately) very high. Ask yourself: Does my website look, feel, and perform in the manner appropriate to the products I sell?

How does my website compare to those of other companies in my industry?

And don’t just consider looks. What’s “under the hood” matters just as much here as it does in hi-fi. Do a Google search for products like yours, and see who shows up in the first 3 pages (the only pages that matter). Do you offer electronics? You’ll see that names like McIntosh, NAD, Naim, and Krell pop up frequently. Speakers? PSB, Ohm, Dali, and Martin-Logan often come to the fore. It’s not an accident; they put themselves there by investing in quality websites and targeted SEO.

Is your name on those same pages? If not, you need to know why, and you need to fix it

How does my website compare to those outside of my industry, brands who consistently attract the same clients I am courting? (This question is a big one.)

If you are selling high-end audio gear, the profile of the customers you seek is likely identical to the ones prestigious firms like Porsche, Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Rolex, and Patek Phillipe count among their clients.

In fact, many of you are offering audio systems which cost more than a Swiss timepiece, or even a luxury automobile. Do you think these same paying customers aren’t looking for a similar brand experience when they consider your firm’s goods?

How many Mercedes, Porsches, Rolexes, etc. do you think it took to pay for their manufacturers’ respective websites? Those are all top-tier websites. And they all do what great websites do: entice, inform, and sell.

Now, what did your website cost, compared to one of your products? Do you really think the discerning public doesn’t notice your substandard website? Of course they do. And it’s costing you money.

Many companies take their websites for granted, often neglecting them to attend to the exigencies of a given day. Again, here in the 21st century, you overlook your website at your own peril. If 4/5 of potential customers are ruling you out based on an outdated, underperforming website, is there really a bigger “fire” you need to put out today?

What makes a website good?

As with audio gear, the quality of a website can be measured.

Search engines like Google measure websites’ quality continuously, in order to determine which ones are best. The best sites are rewarded with high search rankings. And high rankings mean quality free advertising for the businesses that earn them.

Here are some of the qualities that make for a good website, in the eyes of search engines and visitors:

  • a clear, logical, easy-to-navigate structure
  • a visual presence that supports the business’ brand identity
  • Fast load speeds that help assure prospect retention and engagement
  • meaningful and compelling content that people want to see and read

Why should we choose Hi-Fi Websites?

We are the complete Internet solution for high-end audio.

At Hi-Fi websites, we have decades of experience building, hosting, and maintaining websites. But that can be said of many web design firms. What sets us apart is our focus on the audio industry, and the “ripple effect” that focus has on all aspects of your Internet presence. Consider the following:

We are active consumers of high-end audio.

Who better to know how to market to a group of consumers, than members of that group? At Hi-Fi Websites, we speak the language to which audiophiles (and aspiring audiophiles) can relate. So instead of a generic website full of canned copy, you’ll have a bespoke website which highlights the sometimes subtle, but critically important, qualities that set your business apart from the rest of the field.

Speaking the language of high-end goes beyond copy.

Can a generic design firm create a website for you? Of course they can. But will that website contain the kind of industry-specific, keyword rich content that will propel your site upward in the critical realm of search rankings? Are people who are not familiar with the sometimes esoteric lexicon and particular manner of thinking that is inherent in hi-fi really qualified to handle your SEO? If your webmaster doesn’t subscribe to Stereophile or The Absolute Sound, you have the wrong webmaster.

(Did you see how we name-checked and linked the two most influential publications in high-end audio, within the natural flow of the copy? That was an SEO move!)

To summarize: When you choose to create and host your website with Hi-Fi Websites, you get the best set of features in the industry:

  • The attentive service of a 20-year-old firm. We aren’t going anywhere. We’re committed to audio, and we’re here to stay.
  • A website that was built specifically for you, after extensive research into what makes your company unique and how best to represent you online.
  • A modern, reliable, high-performance website that creates new customers and makes your current fans proud to refer you to their friends.
  • A marketing partner who is always looking out for your Internet presence: monitoring performance; backing up your site regularly; updating and refining content in a timely fashion; and planning for your future needs.

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